Día de Muertos 2020 – Catrina at Oakland Cemetery

Canal Atlanta| Día de Muertos| Patrimonio Cultural

As part of our Day of the Dead Virtual Festival for this year we present a video of the history of La Catrina, a Mexican icon for day of the dead. This video was filmed at Oakland Cemetery who were very kind in facilitating the premises and very supportive of our idea. La Catrina is portrayed by Nicole Salas a Mexican American model, who was dressed by Adan Bautista, Mexican designer and her face was painted by Roberto Hernandez a Mexican visual artist who is also a DACA recipient. The video was filmed and edited by a very talented Mexican video producer, Rafael Sanchez. We are very thankful to the Atlanta History Center and the Institute of Mexican Culture for partnering with us to enlighten our culture and colorful traditions for more than 18 years.