Mexican Artists participate in Hong Kong’s First Sustainable NFT Art Exhibition to Raise Funds for Social Impact Projects

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ImpactNFT Exhibition*

Mexican artists championing social causes will join other artists from around the world in an exhibition of sustainable NFT art in Hong Kong.

An NFT is a unique digital asset containing a blockchain-based signature that allows anyone to verify its authenticity and ownership. A digital record of the asset is saved on blockchain ledgers around the world and can be read by any individual looking to find out its owner.


Afro-descendants in Mexico: Visibility and Diversity

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Photo: Gaceta UNAM

Mexico, as we know it (its social, cultural and political structure, as well as its social relations and economic conditions), cannot be understood without a deep examination of its complex history, which has undoubtedly shaped it and still influences the way in which Mexican society sees itself.

The fall of Mexico-Tenochtitlan five centuries ago – and the subsequent Colonial Period – cannot be reduced to or thought of as “the encounter between two worlds”,


“In My Womb”: Frida Kahlo arrives in Hong Kong

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Photo: Gobierno de México


Freida Club defines itself as the first Mexican artisan’s Marketplace in Hong Kong. It strives to share authentic Mexican culture and art with the local community. As part of this objective, the Club has acquired an original work of art by Frida Kahlo, which is now in permanent exhibition and open to the public.


Celebración virtual de las Fiestas Patrias 2021

Canal Hong KongFiestas Patrias 2021

Como parte de las celebraciones de las Fiestas Patrias 2021, el Consulado General de México en Hong Kong invita a la comunidad mexicana a seguir las publicaciones en el “Canal Hong Kong” de la plataforma DiplomaciaCultural.MX y en nuestras redes sociales del 13 al 17 de septiembre.

13 de septiembre 2021

Mediometraje de animación ¨México,


CineClub Mexico presents: “I Dream in Another Language” (2017)

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CINECLUB MEXICO presents the Audience Award Winner at the Sundance Festival, “Sueño en Otro Idioma” (I Dream in Another Language) by Ernesto Contreras. This poetic film raises philosophical questions about what is lost when a language — and by extension, our elders’ memory — is allowed to fade away unpreserved. The film travels in more directions than anticipated, including more than a touch of magic realism.


Young Mexican Filmmaker in Hong Kong Debuts Her First Short Film – “For Her”

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‘For Her’, the first short film by Valeria Riquelme, will premiere in Hong Kong this Saturday, July 17, after featuring at the Lift-Off Global Network Tokyo Festival 2021.

We spoke with Valeria, who is based in Hong Kong, to get to know her views on Mexico, Hong Kong, and her first short film.



Discover San Miguel de Allende: The “Best Small City in the World”

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San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage city set in Mexico’s central highlands, received the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Award for the “Best Small City in the World” 2020.

Find out more about San Miguel de Allende and Condé Nast’s Awards in Lea Lane’s article originally published in Forbes magazine.


Homenaje a Margo Glantz

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En el marco de la Feria del Libro de Hong Kong que se celebra del 14 al 20 de julio de 2021, descubre la obra de esta destacada escritora a través de esta serie de textos, audios y videos

Conoce su biografía

Te invitamos a visitarnos durante la Feria del Libro en el International Cultural Village,


The origin of Hong Kong’s “Mexico Bun” (墨西哥包)

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Image title
“Mexico Bun” (墨西哥包)
Photo credit: JOOOw

Do you know how did the famous “Mexico Bun” (墨西哥包) get its name?

Find more about this fascinating story in Christopher DeWolf’s article The Origin of Hong Kong’s Mexico Bun: A History of Exile and Return.

There’s a big hint in the bun’s name,


Serie: Recetas mexicanas para Hong Kong Chef Luis Aguilar

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chef mexicano Luis Aguilar prepara un platillo mexicano a las brasas en Coba, Q. Roo.


Recital de guitarra clásica de Vladimir Ibarra para Hong Kong

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El guitarrista guanajuatense, Vladimir Ibarra grabó un recital de música clásica contemporánea para la Comunidad Mexicana en Hong Kong en el marco del festival cultural Septiembre Mexicano 2020 – Virtual