CineClub Mexico Online presents Five Short Films Celebrating the Day of the Dead

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November 24, 2022

CINECLUB MEXICO closes up the month of the Day of the Dead in collaboration with the Mexican Institute of Cinematography by presenting five award winning short films that celebrate this Mexican tradition:

– “Hasta los Huesos” (Down to the Bone, 2001) by Rene Castillo.

It is the story of a man and his arrival in the world of the dead, where he is greeted by a worm, smiling skulls and the Catrina herself. Little by little our character discovers that, except for some inconveniences, being dead is not so bad.

Hasta los huesos

psw: Imcine2019

– El Pescador (The Fisherman, 2011) by Samantha Pineda Sierra

On the Day of the Dead, Leni, an old fisherman, uses photographs to fish his best memories out of the sea.

El pescador


– Ramona (2014) by Giovanna Zacarias

Ramona, an 84 year old lady, announces that she is ready to die. While her family makes arrangements, she changes her mind.


psw: R4MN31MCI2022

– No Estas Soñando Conmigo (You Are Not Dreaming With Me, 2015) by Jorge Y. Leyva Robles

Tosni, a child of the Seri tribe, must complete the ritual that allows the soul of his mother to transit to the afterlife, even though It’s not easy for him to let her go.

No estás soñando conmigo

psw: Imcine2016

– Los Ausentes (The Absent, 2017) by José Lomas Hervert

With only three songs in his repertoire, the trio of huapangueros of seven years old Rafaelito must face its first obstacle of his short career: enliven a wake in a community of Huasteca Potosina region.

Los ausentes


WHEN: Thursday, November 24
TIME: Online Screening
LANGUAGE: Spanish, English
SUBTITLES: Yes, English
LENGTH: 67 minutes
GENRE: Drama
Rating: 15+

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