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Magos Herrera with Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería
From Con Alma album in collaboration with Paola Prestini to be release March 24th, 2021

Paola Prestini and Mexico-based singer-songwriter Magos Herrera (plus a crew of musicians) used the
lockdown to collaborate at a distance, and the result is a melancholy but uplifting quasi-cantata full of bird
calls, phone calls, and calls across frozen borders.

— New York Magazine

Last December singer/composer Magos Herrera and composer Paola Prestini released their album and
digital experience “Con Alma, an operatic tableau on isolation” featuring original works alongside classic
songs from the Mexican and Jazz songbook. Created and recorded remotely during the COVID-19
pandemic, the project explores the question of how we can find communion and shared experience in a
time of isolation. Derived from this album and filmed in isolation at the iconic Santuario de Atotonilco in
San Miguel de Allende in the Bajío mexican region where Magos has expend most of her quarantine, this
new video shows Magos Herrera’s rendition of the Mexican classic song Cucurrucucú Paloma by Tomás
Méndez, in a beautiful arrangement by Gonzalo Grau with one of the most important Orquestras in
Mexico “La Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería”. A fine example of the power of creation and teamwork and
the new horizons that the pandemic has opened for the performing arts of the future.

Magos Herreras

Born in Mexico City and based out of New York City, Magos Herrera is a jazz singer-songwriter, producer,
activist and educator. Declared as “One of the greatest contemporary interpreters of song” by The
Latin Jazz Network, she is best known for her eloquent vocal improvisation and her singular bold style,
which embraces elements of contemporary jazz with Ibero-American melodies and rhythm .Has recorded
10 albums including joint collaborations with producer Javier Limón and composer Paola Prestini in
addition to having participated as a guest artist of several recordings. Magos has performed in leading
cultural venues around the world such as Lincoln Center in NYC, Kennedy Center in DC and has been
part of the line-up of some of the most memorable jazz festivals including Montreux Jazz Festival and
Montreal Jazz Festival, to mention a few. Throughout her career she has garnered important awards and
recognitions, including 2 Grammy nominations and have received the Berklee College of Music’s Master
of Latin Music Award. She serves as spokesperson for UN Women for UNITE to end violence against
women campaign and He For She, as a promoter of gender equality, has been included as one of the
most creative Mexicans
in the world by Forbes Mexico Magazine. Currently she serves as a Cultural
Diplomatic Advisor for the Mexican Government
and is a recipient of Chamber Music Americas New
Jazz works award.

Enjoy the making of the video HERE

Link to the video will be available March 24th at 6:00pm central time. Click Here