Watch Empowerment

Canal TailandiaCiclo de cineDocumentalSeminario

An initiative around the Generation Equality Forum. Online platform with documentaries and videos that raise awareness about Women Empowerment, hosted by UN Women Asia-Pacific, Soroptimist International, Girls Project Chiang Rai and The Embassy of Mexico in Thailand.


“Istmo de Tehuantepec: Tratos, Retratos y Relatos” “Tehuantepec Isthmus: Treaties, Tales and Portrayals”

CanalCanal Tailandia

The virtual exhibition offers a first-person experience into the wide range of expressions around the Isthmus. The audience can enjoy stories, poetry, photography, lithographs, historical portraits and cartography of endless artists, women and men from all over the world, with the supporf of different museum collections in Mexico.


Mexico in Thailand 45 Years

Canal Tailandia

Film Festival framing the 45 Years of friendship between Mexico and Thailand and the 210th Anniversary of the Independence Declaration of Mexico (National Day).