Mexican Cinema Day | Día del Cine Mexicano

Canal Del Rio| Canal Tailandia

On the occasion of the 5th consecutive yearly celebration of the Mexican Cinema Day, the Embassy of Mexico in Thailand, with the support of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) and the Directorate General of Cultural Diplomacy of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), organizes the Mexican Cinema Day Film Festival with a diverse selection of movies, from fiction films, documentaries and short films for the whole family. Available on demand from 12 to 15 August, 2021.

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Con motivo del 5° año consecutivo de la celebración del Día del Cine Mexicano, la Embajada de México en Tailandia, en colaboración con el Instituto Mexicano de Cine (IMCINE) y la Dirección General de Diplomacia Cultural de la SRE, organiza un ciclo de cine con una diversa selección de títulos, para todos los gustos y edades, con filmes de ficción, documentales y cortometrajes infantiles. Disponible del 12 al 15 de agosto de 2021.

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We hope you enjoy! #CineMexicano #LoQueVemos

ALAMAR / To The Sea

“Best Film” Morelia Film Festival (2011)

73 min. / Travel story documentary

Director: Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio

On 10th anniversary of its release, this moving story shows the extraordinary bond between father and son through real characters, in their hometown, Chinchorro, one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

En Tiempos de Lluvia / In Times of Rain (2018)

“Best Emerging Film” Oaxaca Film Festival

89 min. / Drama

Director: Itandehui Jansen

The director of Mixtec (indigenous) origin tells the story of Soledad, a healer who faces the difficult separation of her grandson, who moves with her mother to Mexico City.

Bankilal (2014)

53 min. / Documentary film

Director: María Dolores Arias Martínez

Manuel Jiménez was granted the gift of florid word by the Gods and became the Bankilal (older brother) of his people. His work is to represent his community before the Gods and to perpetuate the legacy of the first Tzotzil (indigenous) fathers and mothers.

Un Exilio: Película Familiar / In Exile: A Family Film (2014)

125 min. / Documentary film

Director: Juan Francisco Urrusti

The so-called Spanish Civil War left almost a million dead and 500 thousand refugees, of which more than 20 thousand were received by Mexico. The tragedy shapes the stories of real life characters, the relatives of the director.

De Cómo los Niños Pueden Volar / 

On How Children Can Fly (2008)

7 min. / Children’s short film

Director: Leopoldo Aguilar

This is the story of a boy named Marco, who dreams of being able to fly. However, he ends up getting caught up in a dangerous adventure by following a crow to the roof of his house.

Defectuosos / Defective (2012)

10 min. / Children’s short film

Director: Úrsula Bara Hopfner

This is the story of an old puppeteer who is dedicated to collecting defective and abandoned dolls. With great passion and dedication, he turns them into characters that are once again appreciated and applauded by all children.

Moyana (2012)

10 min. / Children’s short film

Director: Úrsula Bara Hopfner

Juanelo lives obsessed with watching television. One stormy night the electricity goes out. At that moment, he begins a journey to an unknown hallucinatory world with endearing and sometimes dangerous characters.

Camila (2017)

14 min. / Children’s short film

Director: Urzula Barba Hopfner

Twelve year-old Camila is going through difficult times. She has little interaction with her peers and finds refuge in art. Her inability to explain her sadness puzzles adults around her.