The Story of La Malinche and the Fall of Tenochtitlán

Canal| Canal Washington, D.C.

1:00PM (DC) / (12:00PM) CDMX

Do you want to learn more about La Malinche? Can we make a clear distinction between the legend and the historical character? La Malinche, in history, narrative, film, and literature, has many representations: She is sometimes portrayed as a heroine a martyr, or a traitor; at times, as a tragic figure, a victim of sheer bad luck; and not as often as the most influential woman in shaping the course of events in the sixteenth century.

In this conversation, Sandra M. Cypess talks about the life, times, and representations of La Malinche, the story of the Fall of Tenochtitlán, and her enigmatic and controversial role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico.