Tree of Life, the virtual tour.

Canal| Canal Irlanda

Tree of Life is an exhibition of work from Mexican visual artist, KinMx, and Irish photographer, Dirty Dublin. It is a celebration of the dialogue between three cultures; Mexican, Turkish & Irish, their ancestral traditions and deep-rooted relationship with nature.

KinMx & Dirty Dublin travelled to Turkey in 2021 to meet with curator Atilla Güllü. There, KinMx produced a series of murals in the cities of Izmir and Antalya, meeting with the communities at the forefront of the burgeoning street art movement in Turkey.

This experience was captured by Dirty Dublin and has culminated in the series of original artworks, prints and photographs on display at this Embassy.

The exhibition presents a collective body of work, conceptualized, designed and produced across the three countries. We welcome you all to enjoy through the eyes of the artists, the beautiful cultures these countries have to offer.

Artwork: Kathrina Rupit

Photography: Dirty Dublin

Curation: Atilla Güllü