A Little Bit of Home – Online Exhibition

Canal Washington, D.C.

Presented by the Mexican Cultural Institute DC and Bermúdez Projects, A Little Bit of Home examines the works of seven Latinx artists who – through paintings, sculpture, illustrations, and watercolors – highlight a hybridized aesthetic unique to Mexican-American culture. From the transformed domiciles and yardas of Ana Serrano to the urbanized jardines and bosques of José Ramirez, each work transcends strict geographical and aesthetic definitions, demonstrating both a conscious and intuitive denunciation of assimilation. This unwavering embrace of Mexican culture – combined with an already-established American idealism – creates a marriage of opportunity with a newfound artistic style as its progeny.

Dreamlike landscapes by Yolanda González pay homage to Los Angeles and Mexico City. And, the future is made present in the desert “plant” by Cindy Santos Bravo. Additional works include plant studies by Maximiliano Navarrete and the corn-based installation by newcomer ARTST UNKNWN. A Little Bit of Home celebrates the uniqueness of Mexican-Americanism, while also demonstrating a sea change in the artistic Latinx lexicon.