Short Film Contest: The Feeling Is Mutual DC

Canal Washington, D.C.

We proudly announce our short film contest #TheFeelingIsMutualDC! The Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, DC invites you to record a 58-second short film that shows how you feel about what brings us together in difficult times and the things we share with others, including our families, workplaces, regions, and even countries.

Recent events and the global situation we are all going through provide us this year with a historic opportunity to reflect on what we all share as human beings. We have started conversations on achieving a more peaceful, fair, equal, prosperous, and self-sustainable world. We are working on novel ideas on how to reconstruct ourselves for a “new normal” while restarting the economy and supporting small businesses and those who have been most impacted by the COVID-19 virus. All these ideas constitute a collective knowledge that must be shared and used.

Among the topics that can be addressed are interpersonal relationships, volunteering,community strengthening, discrimination and racism, environmental concerns, ways tosupport small and medium entrepreneurs. The respect for cultural and ethnic differences,international cooperation, universal access to health and education services. The respect for human rights, gender equality, and acknowledging the contributions of those who perform essential tasks in the frontline in the context of what we live today. This is not an exhaustive list. Choose the topic that you consider a priority.

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