Mexican Film Festival in Singapore 2022 @ NUS

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The Mexican Film Festival in Singapore 2022 @ NUS

7th to 10th June 2022

Shaw Foundation Alumni House

The Mexican Film Festival Singapore 2022 at the National University of Singapore (NUS) took place from the 7th to the 10th of June, organised by the Embassy of Mexico and NUS Office of Alumni Relations.

The Embassy of Mexico in Singapore, and @NUS Office of Alumni Relations are proud to present the 8th edition with the first segment, from the 7th to the 10th of June at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

– 7th June (Tue), 7:30 pm: The Mongolian Conspiracy / El complot mongol (NC16)

– 8th June (Wed), 7:30 pm: Black Mexicans / La negrada (PG13)

– 9th June (Thu), 7:30 pm: Ana and Bruno / Ana y Bruno (PG13)

– 10th June (Fri), 7:30 pm: Me and the Alien / El alien y yo (M18)

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The Mongolian Conspiracy

Tuesday 7st June

Spanish title: El Complot Mongol

Languages: Spanish (with English subtitles)

IMDA rating: NC16 

Duration: 105 min

Country of production: Mexico

Year of production: 2019

Director: Sebastián del Amo

Genre: Drama

Synopsis:  1963. The Soviet Union intercepts a rumor that China pretends to assassinate the president of the US in his visit to Mexico. Filiberto Garcia, a local policeman, has 72 hours to investigate the Mongolian Conspiracy

Black Mexicans

Wednesday 8th June

Spanish title: La Negrada

Languages: Spanish (with English subtitles)

IMDA rating: PG13 

Duration: 105 min

Director: Jorge Pérez Solano

Genre: Drama

Synopsis:  Poligamy is socially accepted among the black population of the Oaxacan Coast. Juanita and Magdalena share their lives with Neri. When Juanita dies, Magdalena hopes to become the only woman in Neri´s life. However, he has other plans.


Festival and Awards:

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Ana and Bruno

Thursday 9th June

Spanish title: Ana y Bruno

Languages: English

IMDA rating:  PG13

Duration: 96min

Director: Carlos Carrera

Genre: Animation / Comedy

Synopsis:  Ana is a peculiar little girl who escapes from a mental institution to search for her father in order to save her mother. With the help of a group of weird and funny fantastic beings- that she meets in the clinic- she embarks on a journey full of thrilling and moving adventures. Based on the novel Ana, by Daniel Emil.


Festival and Awards:

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Me and the Alien

Friday 10th June

Spanish title: El Alien y yo

Languages: Spanish (with English subtitles)

IMDA rating: M18   

Duration: 83 min

Director: Jesús Magaña Vázquez

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Synopsis:  Lauro, Rita and Agus have a punk band that’s not very successful, so they decide to bring a keyboard player to refresh their sound, and that’s when they meet Pepe, a talented player, with Down’s Syndrome; they accept him in the band and call him the Alien. Thanks to Pepe’s touch, Mr. Gramophone, a legendary music manager, decides to represent the band and takes them to the top of the music scene with the gender of technoanarcumbia. However, the rise to

fame will be changed gradually the group members.

TrailerTrailer El Alien y yo (Me and the Alien) Subtitled – YouTube

Festival and Awards:

Source: IMDb, El Alien y yo – Awards – IMDb